There is only one rule at a Jimmy Flynn show – have a good time. And Jimmy is happy to report that everyone at his shows follows that rule.

“If there is one thing people have in common, it’s the need to laugh,” says Jimmy. “I know it’s been said many times, but I really believe that laughter is the best medicine. I know it works for me, and so far, it works for my audiences. When people come to my show, they have a good time.”

Jimmy has been in the “good time” business for over 30 years. He has given thousands of performances to audiences as diverse as his material. One day, he’s entertaining executives at a corporate retreat, the next day he’s leading a chorus of ten thousand foot-stomping fans in a packed stadium. No matter who they are, or what sort of a day they’ve had, as long as they follow his one rule, they have fun.

“I never get tired of people telling me how much fun they had at one of my shows,” says Jimmy. “That’s what keeps me going. If I can brighten somebody’s day, or help them forget what was bothering them when they came in, then I’m happy.” Theses days, Jimmy is a very happy guy. His down-home music always strikes the right chord with his audiences, and his stand-up comedy is fast-paced and hilarious. There’s never a dull moment at a Jimmy Flynn show.

Sometimes the best prescription your doctor could give you is a good dose of laughter. Whether it’s at a live performance, watching his videos or listening to one of his many taped performances, that’s what you get with Jimmy Flynn. You might want your doctor nearby to help you with the stitches he will leave you in.

That’s because having a good time is what Jimmy Flynn is all about.

  • Upcoming shows

    • 09/08/16 Oshawa, ON at Regent Theatre
    • 09/09/16 Oakville, ON at Kerrfest
    • 09/17/16 Economy, NS at Economy Rec Centre